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The most bioavailable Fucoidan on the market, with double the Fucoidan & quadruple the Mushroom content.

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Introducing ShilaForce™

Gold-Grade Shilajit Resin, sourced organically from the wilds of the Himalayas at 18,000+ feet, infusing your body with over 85 essential nutrients in every carefully crafted dose.

Fucoidan Force

Atlantic wild, hand-harvested Wakame & Mekabu, perfectly blended with organic Reishi extract for enhanced efficacy.


Discover science-based secrets with our 4 specialized complexes – expertly designed to support healthy & radiant skin.

The Next Generation of


Ensuring Quality at every step

Since its establishment in 2012, NextGen BioScience has been on a mission to deliver the most exceptional premium supplements. We take great pride in our brand's unwavering dedication to quality, ensuring that you receive nothing but the finest products.


We consciously avoid sourcing from potentially contaminated regions, particularly following natural disasters that have affected certain coastlines.


Our supplements include fortifying blends such as mushroom extracts, which, when combined with fucoidan, create a powerful synergy. This unique combination enhances the overall effectiveness of our products, supporting immune health and general wellness with well-known medicinal properties.


Committed to purity and natural wellness, our company exclusively uses certified organic ingredients, ensuring that every supplement we offer is free from synthetic additives and pesticides, and is as close to nature as possible.


Our advanced formulations are the result of pioneering extraction technologies that prioritize purity and efficacy. By utilizing gentle, solvent-free processes, we ensure that our extracts maintain their natural integrity, free from contaminants, and meet the highest standards of quality and bioactivity. This innovative approach allows us to create supplements that are not only highly effective but also align with the strictest regulatory requirements, setting a new benchmark in the health and wellness industry.


Each of our products undergoes rigorous independent testing, ensuring their strength, purity, and efficacy. Backed by state-of-the-art laboratories and a dedicated team of distinguished scientists, we guarantee that our supplements meet the highest standards of quality and deliver on our promise of enhancing health and wellness.


We take pride in manufacturing our supplements right here in the USA, employing stringent quality control standards and advanced production techniques to deliver superior health products to our customers.

The pursuit of purity is paramount, encompassing both our raw materials and our finished products. We meticulously inspect and control the quality of all raw materials used. Our products are crafted in a cGMP-certified facility in the USA, renowned for its adherence to the highest standards in nutritional supplement manufacturing. This certification, granted by NHDP and NSF International, is a testament to our commitment, validated through bi-annual audits that confirm our full compliance with the stringent requirements of 21 CFR Part 111, which governs Current Good Manufacturing Practice in Manufacturing, Packaging, Labeling, or Holding Operations for Dietary Supplements.

Our Commitment to You:

Quality ingredients, powerful formulations, & premium products.

These are the pillars of our commitment to your health and wellness journey. We're committed to supporting you with our innovative nutritional solutions. Trust us to be the cornerstone of quality on your path to wellness.

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Fresh from the pristine Atlantic, our wild, certified organic seaweed is hand-harvested and rapidly air-dried to ensure the highest preservation of bioactivity.

We consciously avoid sourcing from potentially contaminated regions, particularly following natural disasters that have affected certain coastlines such as Fukushima, Japan. Our fucoidan supplements use a high concentration of pure full-spectrum organic fucoidan extracted from specific types of seaweed known for their health benefits such as wakame/mekabu (Undaria pinnatifida)and Sea Kelp (Fucus vesiculosus).

A patented cold water extraction technique

NextGen BioScience extracts whole fucoidan compounds directly from seaweed using nothing but pure water, carefully preserving the compound's natural structure without resorting to harsh solvents.

In contrast to traditional methods that rely on heat, solvents, or chemicals — often compromising the product's integrity, consistency, and vital bioactivity — NextGen BioScience stands apart.

Our patented, solvent-free process guarantees the creation of Certified Organic Fucoidan that is not just of superior quality but also aligns closely with its natural state, ensuring optimal bioavailability and efficacy.

Pure & Potent: The Most Effective Fucoidan

After water-based extraction & two steps of careful filtration, we use innovative technology to dry the fucoidan concentrate into a stable, easy-to-use powder. This premium fucoidan powder is then quickly sealed and stored for quality assurance.

Throughout the entire production process of each batch, our team of highly skilled technicians conducts a series of comprehensive tests. These tests are designed to ensure that every batch meets all essential quality parameters before it is approved for release. Additionally, every product order is accompanied by detailed specifications, providing complete transparency and assurance of quality.